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Global Telescope Network July 1, 2012

Posted by brunomarshall in Data analysis.
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Global Telescope Network is a project that allows individuals or groups to dedicate some portion of their time to analyzing data taken with other people’s telescopes. The Global Telescope Network is a network of small telescopes around the world for the purpose of supporting the science of NASA and ESA high energy astrophysics missions, including XMM-Newton, Swift and GLAST. These missions are designed to study astronomical objects through their emission of x-rays and gamma rays. However, much can be learned by combining observations over a broad range in the electromagnetic spectrum. The GTN has been assembled to make observations in the optical that will compliment the observations done at higher energies by space-borne observatories.

Project owners + coordinators:
Dr. Kevin McLin


To learn more, visit: http://gtn.sonoma.edu

To participate, visit: http://gtn.sonoma.edu/join/index.php


Credits: http://spacehack.org/project/global-telescope-network